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Swim with Dolphins, Sea Lions WiFi Available


Swim with Dolphins at Six Flags Mexico

Six Flags will make your dreams come true!

There are approximately 25 million dolphins in the wild worldwide and an additional 3,600 are under human care. Dolphin Discovery-Mundo Marino, Six Flags is the only location in Mexico City where you can have once in a lifetime experience; swim with dolphins! The favorite marine animals are now just a few steps away from the urban area. Set in the outskirts of the country’s largest metropolitan, Six Flags Mexico City is home of our beloved dolphins.

The amusement park opens its doors to receive you and your family inviting you to share a truly unforgettable experience. Six Flags magically combines marine mammals in a habitat, and a theme park with a varied of entertainment attractions, rides, and other events in a location for your enjoyment; all set in 135 acres to offer you and your family a fun and unique day in the city. Come and learn more about dolphins, enjoy the marine animal educational presentation, and dare to take the Medusa Steel Coaster ride with its 118 feet fall, 3 twists and 4 curves. Pure adrenaline!

Visit Six Flags Mexico and be one of the first swimming with dolphins in the big City!

Dolphin Discovery Distrito Federal Activities

Nado con Delfines

Nado con Delfines

Spectacular ride!

$99.91 USD
Encuentro con Delfines

Encuentro con Delfines

A Program for All Ages!

$74.91 USD
Discovery Experience

Discovery Experience

A Program for All Ages!

$41.58 USD
Six Flags + Nado con Delfines

Six Flags + Nado con Delfines

Regular Price: $140.75USD

$99.92 USD
Six Flags + Encuentro

Six Flags + Encuentro

Regular Price: $115.75USD

$74.92 USD