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Are programs carried out in the sea or tanks?

We are located right at the shore, all of our programs are carried in the sea water. It is very important to us that you swim with dolphins in their natural environment since Jamaica is full of natural wonders that is what we want you to see and enjoy here at Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios.

Will food be available at the park?

Snacks like hot dogs, hamburgers, meatballs and beverages for all ages are available for an additional cost.

What is the parks schedule?

We open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., everyday.

How can I arrive to Dolphin Discovery Ocho Rios?

Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios is located on the north coast of Jamaica, near Dunn's River Falls and Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica. Only 7 km away from Ocho Rios Cruise terminal (about 7 min drive). To get to the park you must go south on Turtle Beach Rd towards Main Street until you see the Dolphin Cove sing.

Do you have showers to use after my swim with the Dolphins program in Ocho Rios?

Yes we do! Showers are located outside by the locker area. We advise you to take a towel as they are not provided at the facility.

What else can I do at the Ocho Rios location besides swimming with Dolphins?

You will be able to enjoy a memorable kayaking experience when riding along the caribbean turquoise waters. As well as the chance to watch and live a very unique experience of a shark show. You can go on an exploration guided mini boat ride that will take you to witness the famous Dunn´s River Fall. Or go on a nature trail where you get the chance to interact with mother earth and even feed the birds!

Do you have restaurants inside the dolphinarium?

Yes, we have the Parrot Grill Restaurant which offers some of the best dishes in all of Jamaica! Offering a variety of dishes from our famously known Real Jamaican Jerk Chicken, to various salads like the Garden Salad and Chicken Salad, and also something for the kids to feast on. You can also grab a delicious drink from our bar that will refresh you after a long day of interaction with our friendly dolphins.

What options of food do you offer at your restaurant?

We have a wide selection of hamburgers, club sandwich and delicious hot dogs. Though we also offer the best dish in all of Jamaica which is our home cooked Real Jamaican Jerk Chicken. Snacks are also offered such as nachos, our delicious Chicken Quesadillas, french fries and options for kids such as chicken nuggets.

What are the opening and closing times of your restaurant?

The Parrot Grill restaurant is open from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm.

What are the park´s open and close hours?

We are open from 9 am to 5pm.

Is transportation available with my swim program?

Transportation is not included with your swim program but you are able to  include it at an additional cost depending on your hotel´s location. Children aging from 1 to 2 are free of charge. Please contact our call center to get more information and add this service to your reservation. Toll free Jamaica number 1-877-344-3385 or at info@dolphindiscovery.com

What happens if there is bad weather in Jamaica?

Due to our strategic location we are fortunate to be able to work under any climatic condition.

What are the age policies for Swim Adventure program?

Adult: + 13 years

Kids: 6- 12 years

Infant: 1-5 years

Children from 1 up to 7 years old or with less than 1.20m tall. They may participate accompanied by 2 adults in the Swim Adventure performing activities according to their age and height.

Children from 8 years or more 1.20m tall can participate accompanied by one adult. Children aged 10 years or above 1.40m tall can participate on their own in any program paying the adult rate.

What activities are carried out in each program?

Royal Swim: Foot Push, Dorsal Tow, Handshake, Kiss, Hand target, hug.

Swim Adventure: Belly Ride, Boogie push, Hug, Hand target, handshake, kiss.

Dolphin Encounter: Hand target, kiss, handshake, as well as information about the behavior and anatomy of dolphins.

How many people are in the water at the same time?

Royal Swim: 10 maximum.

Swim Adventure: 12 people maximum.

Dolphin Encounter: 15 to 20 people maximum.

How early should I arrive?

We recommend to arrive at least 45 minutes before your scheduled time as you need to check in and receive a small induction.

Can I feed the dolphins?

Dolphins have a specifically balanced diet according to their age, activity and development, so feeding dolphins is not allowed as this could affect their health.

Do you offer therapy programs with dolphins?

No, we currently do not have this service, our programs are educational and interactive. However, we invite you to participate in any of our programs, you can review the security policies section for more information on the participation of people with disabilities.

Will I have to wear a life jacket?

The use of life jackets is required in all water programs, our staff will provide the jacket that best suits your complexion, we have jackets available in different sizes and for babies one year old and up.

I am a person with disabilities, Can I participate in the programs?

People with disabilities may participate in our programs, this requires filling a format and send it via email to info@dolphindiscovery.com,  in this format is to specify the type of special attention they require and based on this information we can determine which is the best program for you and how many people will assist you.

Can I use my camera?

For security reasons, is not allowed to use cameras in the water, professional photos will be available for sale.

Can pregnant women participate?

Our programs dolphin swim Swim Adventure and Royal Swim are not allowed for pregnant women, however our Dolphin Encounter program is a great option for women with up to 5 months of pregnancy, previously signing a waiver and accompanied by another adult.

Is there refund for cancellation?

Yes, as long as it's done at least 4 days before the scheduled date of your swim. Cancellations with less than 4 days notice does not apply for any refund. The refund will be made if cancellation is made 5 days or before the scheduled date, however there are bank charges for 10% of its total.

What if there is inclement weather?

Our programs go on rain or shine, so there are no cancellations or refunds in these cases.