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Dolphin Discovery Saint Kitts

A unique place!

Saint Kitts Island, also known as St. Kitts, St. Kitts and Nevis, and Saint Cristobal Island, is one of the main islands of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis in the Lesser Antilles. This island, located in the Caribbean, is home of our habitat Dolphin Discovery St. Kitts.

St. Kitts has a total area of 179 km of which you can admire every inch you scroll, because its waters will conquer you with its unique color.

You cannot refuse to visit a place that will captivate you and make you enjoy every moment since your arrival to the farewell. Dolphin St. Kitts introduce you to the best friends you can find on this island and provide the most fun activities and experience of a lifetime to perform any of our programs with dolphins.

This place is ideal for the whole family. Children and adults will have fun and will learn and perform the activities we have.

Come and enjoy the best vacation ever!

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Special Offer
Dolphin Swim Adventure

Dolphin Swim Adventure

Fantastic adventure ever!

$129 USD
Dolphin Royal Swim

Dolphin Royal Swim

Maximum Action and Speed!

$149 USD
Dolphin Encounter

Dolphin Encounter

You and the dolphin will become best friends!

$99 USD