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Is it safe to swim with dolphins?

Our dolphins are used to be close human beings, plus, you will totally trust in our certified trainers. If you follow all their instructions and carefully treat our dolphins, all of you, guys, will enjoy those moments in the water.

Do dolphins enjoy programs as much as we do?

Dolphins are active animals searching always for entertainment. They are curious about humans and playful. Treat them with care and follow all instructions, then everyone will have fun!

What is the depth of the pool in which dolphins are located?

Our dolphinariums are 14 ft in depth.

Do I need to learn how to swim to participate in your dolphin programs?

Not necessarily. We use life vests.

What do I have to take for my dolphin program?

Bring a bathing suit, cap or hat and biodegradable sunscreen. Sandals or aqua-socks will be useful at the dolphinarium but you will have to take them off while being in the water to protect dolphins from injuries.

Do I need to bring some extra cash?

You might need it for snacks, tips and lockers deposit. We also have boutiques where you will find great items; you will want to buy a souvenir.

Is the use of life vests compulsory?

Yes, for security reasons, the use of life vests is compulsory for all participants Ėkids and adults- in all swim with dolphins programs.

What is the dolphin's diet?

Dolphins have a varied and healthy diet. We give them some kinds of fishes like mackerel, herring, and calamari. A dolphin eats an average of 10 or 22 kg per day.

How many years do dolphins live?

Dolphins in the wild live from 30 to 35 years, however, under human care they live more than 40 years. There is a record a dolphin that lived 52 years.

How many types of dolphins are there?

There are 32 types of marine dolphins, 5 river dolphins and 6 porpoises.

With what kind of dolphin will I swim?

We have bottlenose dolphins. They have that name because when they have their beak over the water, it resembles a floating bottle.

Do dolphins sleep?

Dolphins are always alert; they donít sleep the same way as terrestrial mammals. To ďtake a napĒ, dolphins never close their eyes; a part of their brain stays relaxed while the other keeps working, that way they are alert against predators.

How are dolphins born?

Dolphins are marine mammals. The gestation period lasts about 12 months, with a labor of 30 minutes or 3 hours.

Does swim with dolphins participants need to pay admission to the park?

Yes, all dolphin swim program should pay admission to the park.

Where do I have to go upon arrival if I already have my admission?

Clients who have purchased a swim with dolphins program with admission to Six Flags online must visit the Visitorís Service window.

What do I have to bring with me to the park if I make my reservation online?

All reservations that include admission and swim with dolphin program must present a confirmation letter and admission coupon with the specific number of pax. The admission will be given to you in the Visitorís Service window and the confirmation letter will be presented directly in the dolphinarium.

Are there any special services for kidís birthdays?

Yes they are, this special petition must be requested in call center and are subject to availability.