• Dolphin Discovery Cozumel
  • Dolphin Discovery Cozumel
Swim with Dolphins, Manatees & Sea Lions
Beach Club
WiFi Available

Dolphin Activities and more in Cozumel

Dive with dolphins - Cozumel

Dive with dolphins, the most exciting program of all! Try out this activity and immerse in the magical marine world. Live this once in a lifetime experience at Chankanaab National Reef Park in Cozumel Explore the most beautiful and incredible coral reef of the Caribbean with us!

$189 USD BOOK NOW All about Dive with dolphins

Manatee Encounter - Cozumel

Manatees, the chubbiest but most adorable marine mammals want to spend some time with you! In the Manatee Encounter you will be able to feed their new marine buddies lettuce and in exchange they’ll give you the most ticklish kiss you’ll ever have. Don’t wait any longer and come to meet these cuties!

$59 USD BOOK NOW All about Manatee Encounter

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