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Sea Lions: learn about them with Dolphin Discovery

Laugh out loud like never before with the adorable sea lions!

Come and meet the cutest and funniest animal of all! Sea lions, a sea mammal characterized by their long flippers and big belly is a highly intelligent species, they're very social with humans and even with other animal species.

Make the perfect combo and complement your swimming with dolphins experience with the most adorable and entertaining sea mammal ever. Swimming with sea lions assures you and your loved ones the time of your life, where you will have a blast while our marine mammal specialists teach you some incredible info about their habitat, reproduction and nursing.

In the sea lion experience you will receive the most cute and smelly kiss you ever had and a really big and cozy hug.

About sea lions:

The sea lions belong to the Otariidae family such as seals, they're fin-footed sea mammals, characterized by their delicate and smooth body, external flaps, pointed snout with whiskers, four flippers, two long frontals and two attached in the back forming a type of tail and a really cute but funny way of dragging/walking.

Normally sea lions are a little chubby, the males can grow up to 300 kg and about 2.5 meters long, and curiously unlike manatees, the female sea lions are significantly smaller, they weigh around 90 kg and are 2 meters long.

Sea lions have the wonderful advantage that they can adapt themselves in different kinds of habitats, they usually live in subarctic or tropical waters, founded in both North and South hemispheres.
So, if you are dying to meet this cute sea mammal and receive the best hug ever book with us!

  • Some Sea Lions have been trained by the U.S. Navy to perform tasks like ship and seaport protection and equipment recovery.
  • A large crest of bone grows on the male's head as they reach sexual maturity.
  • Pups are born dark, and when they are dry they look purple.
  • Females are lighter in color and smaller than males.
  • They eat a variety of seafood, but mainly squid and fish.
  • Someetimes they help dolphins giving birth, sharks and other predators when hunting large schools of fish.
  • They travel at an estimated speed of 10.8 km/h.
  • For breeding the male's size is a key factor because the winner of the fight mates with a female.
  • The bigger the male the blubber he can store and the longer he can wait staying on the rookery to increase their chances of breeding.
  • There can be 15 females for one male.
  • The females have a 12-month reproductive cycle, giving birt in early to mid-June.
  • Sea Lions are the only mammals whose milk does not contain lactose.
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