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Dolphin Vip Lounge Swim with Dolphins, Manatees & Sea Lions Beach Club WiFi Available


Swim with Dolphins Cancun-Isla Mujeres, Mexico

The Greatest Experience!

Where is Isla Mujeres located? This beautiful island is in Cancun Mexico at the Caribbean Sea, only 20 minutes on boat from Marina Aquatours Hotel Zone Cancun Mexico. The natural Dolphin Discovery ocean area is about 10,000 m² (107,639 ft²), surrounded by white sands, palm trees and a wide extension of turquoise waters. In a few words, it is a place taken from a dream to make your swim with dolphins experience as perfect as you have never imagined on an idyllic Isla Mujeres trip. Dolphin Discovery is located in this privileged paradise of Isla Mujeres. Like many places in the area, Cancun Isla Mujeres is not only beautiful, but culturally and historically rich. In the pre-Hispanic era, the island was sanctified by the Mayan goddess of love and fertility, Ixchel. The Mayans left their offerings in the shape of a woman on the island beaches. When the Spanish arrived in 1517, they saw the figurines and named the island, the Island of Women.

As you learn more about Cancun, you will discover the Mayan influence on the culture. Later, explore the beautiful Island of Women on your own, wrapping up a perfect vacation day. In addition to our distinctive swim with dolphins programs, you will have the opportunity to discover unique experiences with sharks, stingrays, and plenty of other marine animals. You can rest on comfortable lounge chairs, taste delicious, traditional Mexican dishes and refreshing, cool beverages—everything and all that we love about Cancun. After your dolphin swim, venture on your own and explore the beautiful Isla Mujeres with its quaint and relaxed atmosphere. One of the greatest attractions of Isla Mujeres is Garrafon Park, a special area for ecology, nature and adventure. Enjoy this tropical treasure that Cancun, Mexico boasts with so much pride through different aquatic activities such as snorkeling and kayaking. Indulge in moments of total relaxation and the best food as you take in the most spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea while traveling in Cancun. Isla Mujeres is the perfect place to have an unforgettable vacation.

Come and enjoy!

Now you are able to enjoy privacy and comfort, as well as receiving a friendly and personalized service in our new Dolphin VIP Lounge area. If you are the kind of person willing to experience the best, Dolphin VIP lounge is your option because it offers an exclusive view of the Caribbean Sea while relaxing on the infinity pool having a premium drink from a selected liquor collection. With air conditioning and shades to cover you from the sun but still letting you enjoy the nicest weather of this paradise. Everybody gets delighted by the international exquisite buffet (shrimp, ravioli & pasta, salmon, salads, etc).

Family and friends spend a fantastic time and feel better than ever, Children are allowed to access this area under parental responsibility. If you would like to take this opportunity just call us to make your reservation and for only $30 usd you can up-grade your tour to have full access to this exclusive Dolphin VIP Lounge.

Come and have the experience of a lifetime!

Dolphin Discovery VIP for a privileged holiday.

Only for $30 USD

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Dolphin Encounter

Dolphin Encounter

You and the dolphin will become best friends!

$109 USD
Dolphin Royal Swim VIP

Dolphin Royal Swim VIP

Maximum Action and Speed!

$189 USD
Special Offer
Dolphin Swim Adventure

Dolphin Swim Adventure

Fantastic adventure ever!

$159 USD
Royal Garrafon + Dolphin Encounter $139 USD
Royal Garrafon VIP + Royal Swim

Royal Garrafon VIP + Royal Swim

Regular Price: $298USD

$209 USD
Royal Garrafon + Swim Adventure

Royal Garrafon + Swim Adventure

Regular Price: $248USD

$169 USD
Sea Life Discovery Plus

Sea Life Discovery Plus

Dolphins, Manatees & Sea Lions!

$209 USD
Dolphin Swim Adventure Memories Package $204 USD