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Swim with the Dolphins in Anguilla, St. Maarten

The best of the Caribbean!

Anguilla a warm and welcoming island, is located in the British West Indies, approximately 6 miles from St. Maarten in the Eastern Caribbean. Anguilla is the northern-most of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles. Anguilla is 16 miles long and three 3 miles wide. The island is 35 square miles. July to October is the hottest period; December to February is the coolest. Anguilla is a small island with a big heart. Her soft white sands contrast with the transparent bluish waters, calm and relaxing as the personality of the Islanders. Girded by unrivaled pristine beaches and breathtaking turquoise waters, Anguilla is casual and simple, a unique blend of high style and low-key elegance with the best of the good life.

Set on a slow and cozy island lifestyle, Anguilla has a number of calm bays and beaches perfect for different tourist attractions. Dolphin Discovery facilities are located in Blowing Point beach, on Anguilla´s southern coast. Just 20 minutes crossing by ferry from St Maarten. Swim with Dolphins at Anguilla-St. Maarten is one of the most exciting things to do in this paradise island. Whether you choose our Dolphin Swim or our Dolphin Encounter program; you will be moved by these incredible marine animals. Dolphins are sweet and intelligent and they know how to share their joy and charisma with our visitors; they will show you how to have fun in the water! Dolphin Discovery at Anguilla-St. Maarten is an experience that captivates our visitors and creates friendships and memories that last forever.

Come and enjoy the best vacation yet!

Get the best prices to Swim with Dolphins in Anguilla-St Maarten

Dolphin Swim

Dolphin Swim

Perfect entertainment!

$139 USD
Dolphin Encounter

Dolphin Encounter

Sensational and safe activity!

$99 USD
Dolphin Royal Swim

Dolphin Royal Swim

Pure excitement!

$179 USD
Dolphin Swim Adventure Memories Package $184 USD
Dolphin Encounter + Ferry + Transfer

Dolphin Encounter + Ferry + Transfer

Sensational and safe activity!

$149 USD
Dolphin Swim Adventure + Ferry + Transfer $179 USD
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