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Dolphin Weddings with Dolphin Discovery

The best day in your life should be shared with dolphins!

Live a unique moment in contact with nature. Your wedding is the most exceptional moment of your life and you will always remember your wedding day celebrated with the dolphins, that's for sure, and of course if you are looking for something different and really special, then an experience in Dolphin Discovery will actually exceed all your expectations.

Set sale through the Caribbean Sea on a gorgeous catamaran arriving to Isla Mujeres after 40 minutes of extremely wonderful views, Cancun-Isla Mujeres is the most popular location in the world for its spectacular views and pristine waters bathing the most awesome white sandy beaches. This is the most romantic option of the Mexican Caribbean Sea.

The celebration begins when a dolphin comes over bringing flowers for the groom and bride giving them the most beautiful welcome to their new life together, and continues overlooking the turquoise Mexican Caribbean and swimming with dolphins along with your beloved one. The Royal Swim program® offers, tenderness, action and speed through the kiss, the hug, the dorsal tow and finally with the famous foot push - when two dolphins propel you from your feet soles through the waters. Afterwards the guests can watch the newlyweds video production. Relax and let us take care of all the splendid and simple details to give you a one of a kind wedding at our location. We will focus only on you to make the best out of that day, an unforgettable experience for your friends, family and of course, yourselves. We have endless options to customize your ceremony according to preferences and tastes; we can arrange everything you need.

Contact us today by email groups@dtraveller.com or call us toll free: USA 1-866-393-5158, Canada 1-866-793-1905, Mexico 01-800-727-5391 or Direct Line +52 (998) 193-3360.