Meet our beloved new friends!

Hi! We are the ambassadors of the ocean and we are part of the Dolphin Discovery Family!

My name is Frida and I am Triton's sister. I am a faithful follower of the Dolphin Discovery Rescue Team program.

Thanks to the Marine Mammal Specialists who know us so well, they can help our ocean brothers when they have a problem

  •  Fearless
  •  Intelligent
  •  Responsable
  •  Self-confident
  •  Determined
  •  Perceptive
  •  Persistent
  •  Speedy

My name is Triton, I was born in Isla Mujeres and I belong to the 2nd generation of Dolphins born under the Miracle reproduction program.

I firmly believe that my mission is to be an ambassador for the care of the oceans, being an example for the guests that visit us.

  •  Reckless
  •  Clever
  •  Playful
  •  Hyperactive
  •  Strong
  •  Responsable
  •  Reliant
  •  Persistent

My name is Pingo and I am 12 years old, I am very playful and I like to play a lot with the guests who visit us.

During the interaction with our guests I share environmental messages that help improve the world in which we live.

  •  Impish
  •  Joker
  •  Grumpy
  •  Cute
  •  Brave
  •  Rebel
  •  Irreverent
  •  Impulsive

My name is Romeo, I'm a Manatee from the Antilles rescued by the Dolphin Discovery Rescue Team. I live in Puerto Aventuras and I am a proud father of 5 manatees.

My main mission is to teach our guests the importance of caring for my species and protecting mangroves.

  •  Gentile
  •  Big appetite
  •  Good natured
  •  Sweet
  •  Loving
  •  Shy
  •  Sensitive
  •  Romantic

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