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What to do in Cabo

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Los Cabos Overview

Los Cabos is divided into three distinct areas that shape the touristic zone. Cabo San Lucas town, Los Cabos Touristic Corridor, and Caboís sister town San Jose del Cabo all make the large municipality of Los Cabos at the southern tip of Northern Mexicoís long narrow Baja California peninsula, located almost 1,000 miles southeast from San Diego, California USA.

Los Cabos municipality offers its visitors history, relaxation, and a cozy chic ambiance. On your Cabo trip, immerse yourself in traditional Mexico by visiting San Jose del Cabo, a picturesque city by the sea in Baja California Sur, only 25 minutes from San Lucas. Unwind and learn more about Mexican history, traditions, and architecture. This gorgeous Mexican city is surrounded by colonial buildings, the exquisite waters of the Pacific Ocean, and the well-known hospitality of the Mexican people.

What to do in Cabo


La Plaza and Boulevard Mijares are two places that you must visit as they are representative colorful spots of the city. Downtown's highlight is the church of San Jose located in front of the Central Square surrounded by handcraft stands especially of Huichol art (indigenous native people).


The exquisite beaches of the Pacific Ocean are one of the best attractions of the area, as the city is only one mile far from the sea. The desert geography is always in contrast with the cool sea environment.


With beautiful vegetation sights, Los Cabos offers a 9-hole Spanish Arab golf course for pros and those new to golf. The site also offers a restaurant, bar and balcony.


Each tourism area is different, making Los Cabos nightlife a versatile destination with something to appeal everyone. Find tranquil and relax bars, coffee or ice cream shops to enjoy a nice moment to let time pass by slowly or discover a vibrant and exciting nightlife during your Cabo trip.


Due to its diverse areas, this popular travel destination offers a number of activities for visitors looking for some adventure. Travel to Cabo and explore it through jungle tours, ATV's and horse rides, snorkeling and diving, canopy and zip line tours, kayaking, surfing and more. It is the ideal location for a nature encounter.


The Wirikuta Botanical Garden is home to more than 1,000,000 plants and more than 1,500 varieties of desert plants from around the world. The park is designed to honor the cactus in its many forms, as well as the culture and traditions of Mexicoís indigenous people.

Cabo Pulmo:

These pristine and protected reefs have the unparallel beauty of an underwater universe. It is located 65 km from San Jose and it's truly a natural masterpiece and one of the three live reefs in North America. Its visitors find in it the perfect place to practice scuba diving, sport fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and many more activities for the expert traveler.


Located where the fresh water of Rio San Jose meets the salty waters of the sea, San Jose sea loch is home to 125 acres of freshwater and more than 250 species of birds. This welcoming environment plays an important role in the history of San Jose. The exclusive natural environment of the region has become a bird sanctuary for all migratory birds of the region.

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Toll Free Canada 1-866-793-1905
Toll Free Mexico 01-800-727-5391
Local +52 (998) 193 3360

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