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Dolphin Royal Swim in Florida

Come and enjoy the company of our wonderful dolphins as they welcome you right in their own natural habitats! Experience first-hand the connection of a lifetime, while our marine mammal specialists guide you through all of the fun and excitement. While having fun, you will also gain important knowledge about conservation and education about bottlenose dolphins that you can take with you.

Following a brief educational session into the world of our dolphins, conservation and a mini demonstration on proper hand placements for each behavior to better prepare our guests. Our Royal Swim program at Dolphin Connection is the ultimate thrill-seeking experience, offered in the beautiful Florida Keys! Our Royal Swim program is specially designed for visitors who want the ultimate experience! You will spend a majority of the program doing activities in the deep water with the dolphin, as well as from the platform! You will also have the pleasure of having two dolphins the entirety of the program and experience 2 action packed dolphin rides! Guests will be able to experience multiple behaviors, including an unforgettable hug, a heartfelt handshake in the deep water with our playful grey friends. You will learn about the Dolphin's skills, strength, agility and intelligence. Our talented photographers will be capturing your experience throughout the program.

Come and have the experience of a lifetime!

Adults (+4.6 ft.) * Daily

    • 11:15 AM
    • 02:30 PM

Single Hug
Hand Shake (deep water)
Melon Rub
Double Dorsal
(deep water ride)
Swim By's Rubs
Various mimics/playtime

    45 mins. Program time
    15 min. educational class
    30 min. in water with the dolphins

Kids (3.3 - 4.6 ft.)
* Kids must swim with a paying adult.

For the dolphinís health and safety, all jewelry must be removed prior to the beginning of the program. For liability reasons, NO personal cameras, GoPros, cell phones or any other electronic items/devices are permitted on the docks or in the water at anytime, on/during/or after program. These items are approved to have at our beach and overlook areas for any observers. For your convenience, staff photographers are present at each program. Participants our highly encouraged to check-in at the Dolphin Connection facility 15-20 minutes prior to their program time. We recommend coming program ready with a towel, shoes and a Face Mask. Life vest are provided/required. (Wetsuits are only provided in winter months).

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