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Cancun, Quintana Roo, September 2nd, , 2020.- Dolphin Discovery, the largest Dolphin Family in the world and proudly part of The Dolphin Company, announced in a press conference an event to commemorate the "International Manatee Day". It will be the 4th consecutive year to be celebrated and it will be opened to the public with no charge.

As a Socially Responsible Company, Dolphin Discovery will hold a series of activities from September 7th – 13th with the goal of sharing valuable information that will create awareness on the preservation of the species.

"For The Dolphin Company, this event is very important as we will be hosting activities that strengthen the efforts for the conservation of the manatees. This year we will have conferences and activities that increase empathy and caring for this wonderful species" said Rosy Cerrillos, Corporate Manager of Marine Mammal Specialists for The Dolphin Company.

The three attractions in the United States are already operating, and the three parks in Europe will be fully operational this weekend. The habitats in Mexico will begin to open gradually, starting the third week of June

As part of this event, there will be an educational conference cycle for all members of the family on Facebook and Instagram, with the main topic being caring for manatees and their environment. There will also be activities on social media such as weekly trivia, launching of educational videos on Youtube and a drawing contest on Facebook aimed for the little ones to be able to win a manatee encounter and meet this incredible marine mammal in real life.

Reknown institutions joined our efforts in this 4th edition, such as The Manatee Conservation Center in Puerto Rico, Sirenian International, ADEMM (Marine Mammal Trainers Association in Spanish), AZCARM (Association of Zoos, Breeding Centers and Aquariums of Mexico in Spanish) and the Institute for Culture and Arts in Quintana Roo.

September 2nd, 2020

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