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Cancun, Quintana Roo on May 11th 2020.- At two months from suspending operations at The Dolphin Company, we are still trying to understand how and when we will restart services in our Parks and Habitats.

The World of The Dolphin Company encompasses eight countries, from Italy and the United State to Argentina, Mexico, Jamaica, St. Kitts, Grand Cayman, and the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.

It is complicated, at this point, to pinpoint the exact date we will restart operations, as we are subject to the rules and regulations in each of the countries we operate.

Based upon the information we have at the moment; we look to open our doors again in the following dates:

  1. During the first half of June, our three attractions in Florida, Gulf World, Marineland Florida, and Dolphin Connection as well as our parks in Mexico, the Mexican Caribbean, Los Cabos and Vallarta on the Pacific Coast.
  2. During the second half of June, the parks in Italy, Zoomarine, Acquajoss and Aquafelix.
  3. In July, our park Aquarium Mar del Plata, in Argentina, to coincide with the Austral Winter Vacation period.
  4. During the same month of July, we will be restarting operations in Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.
  5. In August, Grand Cayman and St. Kitts will reopen if the cruise begin arriving at the destinations.

The Dolphin Company we will be ready and prepared for when this passes, and our guests can come back and Live the Experience of a Lifetime in one of our Habitats or Parks.

Our Parks and Dolphin Habitats are closed to the public; however, we are operational; we continue to give daily care to our species and the correct maintenance to our facilities so that when it is time to restart, it will not take much preparation to do so.

In short, we are more than ready to reactivate operations as soon as possible. We estimate we will have more information over the next two to three weeks and will be able to confirm the dates for all of our operations by country.

In the meantime, we are implementing sanitation measures to keep our guests, associates, and animals safe and to guarantee a safe and healthy environment for our guests when we do reopen.

We are ready and anxious to welcome you back and continue to offer The Experience of a Lifetime to our guests as only The Dolphin Company can!

Thank you for your understanding and your support for our organization. It means a lot to us and strengthens our resolve.

We will see you again real soon.

May 11th, 2020

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