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  • The main objective is to create awareness about the responsible pet ownership.
  • The increasing number of street dogs is a problem that affects directly the public health of our Municipality.

Cancún Quintana Roo.- As a Socially Responsible Company that worries about the animals' welfare, Dolphin Discovery launches the campaign "To love is to care", with the objective of creating awareness to the owners of cats and dogs about the responsible ownership, and to promote adoption and sterilization.

Only in our Municipality, it was estimated that in the current year, there were more than 40 thousand stray dogs due to abandonment and their reproduction is out of control, which generates approximately 8 kilograms of feces. The animals, being in that situation, are a very important subject that needs to be taken care of due to the very serious issues that it brings to the community regarding the transmission of diseases like distemper, scabies, and ticks and in extreme cases, bites and rabies.

To love is to care looks out for the welfare of companion animals and stray animals too.

Dolphin Discovery has successfully supported many vulnerable groups through diverse programs. Today, worried about the public health, has decided to launch this unprecedented campaign, which will approach the subject with the participative actions from different agencies, and with the support of the Department of protection and social well-being of Benito Juarez Municipality as an inclusion-oriented government that will cover this subject from a social-educational perspective by creating awareness about responsible pet ownership with long term systematic solutions in order to achieve an ethical control of the overpopulation of dogs in the city and also to be able to create a stray dogs census.

The actions of the "To love is to care" campaign are the following, and will be done in different stages:

  • Donation of nameplates for pets to the community in general so that pets can find their way back home in case they get lost. Dolphin Discovery has obtained a special machine to create nameplates.
  • Publicity campaign through the media and social networks to create awareness in the community about the overpopulation of city fauna, animal welfare, socially responsible ownership and zoonosis.
  • Low cost and free Spay/Neuter programs for people of scarce resources.
  • Sponsorship of 40 sterilizations each month through the association Vets in Action.
  • Educational talks in schools.
  • Support for NGOs that protect the city fauna through adoption fairs.
  • Donation in kind for the Canine care center (CCC), to proceed with the free sterilization campaigns that they carry out.

The campaign will start next Monday, July 13 in the Dolphin Discovery corporate offices. It will start with the delivery of nameplates for identification in exchange for a 10 pesos donation to support different non-government organizations with dog food.

Animals are living beings that deserve to be taken care of and have the same rights as humans do, just for the simple fact of being alive... To love is to care!

June 29th, 2017

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