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DOLPHIN DISCOVERY qualifies one more time in "Super Empresas" ranking 2014.

Awarded "Super Empresas 2014" (Leading Companies 2014).This really motivates us because it means that Dolphin Discovery is a high quality Company, based on human resources management, policy wise, with procedures and practices that fortify the organizational culture and working environment. Dolphin Discovery Group foregrounds in between the Mexican southeast Companies because it has an organizational culture ground-in its associates, whom voted for it. As well the leaders of the Group aid their staff to work in the best labor conditions, aligning them in to values and goals making them realize that they are the most important part of the Company.

At Dolphin Discovery Group, the human resources developing strategy has always been promoting initiatives that allow the innovation for its services portfolio and products, and also to keep improving its practices to continue inspiring every associate that integrates it.

May 28th, 2014

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