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  • Mr. Eduardo Albor, CEO of The Dolphin Company, is recognized as one of the most influential leaders in the economic recovery of tourist destinations of the Mexican Caribbean

Mr. Eduardo Albor, CEO of The Dolphin Company, is recognized as one of the most influential leaders in the economic recovery of tourist destinations of the Mexican Caribbean

  • The prestigious Newsweek magazine recognizes a notable group of leaders for their outstanding work in reactivating the tourism sector in the State of Quintana Roo

Cancun, Quintana Roo, February 9th, 2021.- The Dolphin Company, the largest park operator in Latin America, with 26 years of experience and more than 12 million visitors throughout its history, shared that Newsweek magazine has recognized its General Director, Mr. Eduardo Albor, as a member of an outstanding group of leaders whose effort and commitment have promoted the image of trust in the destinations of the Mexican Caribbean.

According to the renowned magazine, these leaders work to strengthen the actions and perception of Quintana Roo as a safe destination, in a time of uncertainty, generated by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The news platform Newsweek, world leader for presenting the most relevant issues in the business and corporate world, dedicated a special segment, in its January 2021 edition, to a select group of officials and businessmen, led by the Governor of the State of Quintana Roo, Carlos Joaquín González, Mara Lezama, Municipal President of Benito Juárez, Oliver Reinhart, CEO of ATELIER de Hoteles, Miguel Quintana, Founder of Xcaret, Darío Flota, Director of the Tourism Promotion Council of Quintana Roo (CPTQ ), Alex Zozaya, Executive President of Apple Leisure Group and Miquel Fluxá, President of Iberostar Hotels.

"As entrepreneurs it is our duty to work for Quintana Roo, focused on developing strategies for the benefit of the travel and tourism industry, in order to remain at the forefront of the preferred destinations for travelers in the world. We want tourist destinations to be recognized, not only for the natural beauties, the service and the warmth of our people, but also and especially at this time, for offering security, through international health protocols that provide confidence and support", said Mr. Eduardo Albor, CEO of The Dolphin Company.

Mr. Albor has highlighted the importance of working together with all actors in the tourism industry to face any crisis, but particularly the one we are living in caused by COVID-19. In this sense, the strategies implemented by the company were designed in accordance with the provisions of the health authorities, which generated a good image of the destinations of Quintana Roo at the national and international level, promoting an accelerated increase in the percentage of hotel occupancy, at the time the economic reactivation began.

Some of the specific actions for the recovery of the destination that The Dolphin Company has applied are:

  • The implementation of new health policies and protocols, through its comprehensive health and safety program "Dolphin Cares".
  • Constant and specialized training for staff.
  • Obtaining international certifications on health and safety issues.
  • Coordinated work with the private sector and the government, specifically in the areas of health and tourism.
  • The creation of promotional campaigns designed to generate confidence in travelers.
  • Advertising and differentiated promotions, to reach the local, national and international market.

"The year 2020 represented a challenge for our safety, in terms of health issues. However, at the same time, it forced the world tourism sector to implement changes that we did not imagine and of which we have come forward thanks to the rapid adaptation of which we are capable. Now, more than ever, we must focus on transmitting meaningful experiences and attracting customers in more creative ways, with messages that support their decision- making when choosing the destination to which they will travel. The Dolphin Company's commitment continues to be focused on the well-being of its guests, collaborators and species in its care, in all its parks and habitats with dolphins in Mexico, the United States, Italy, Argentina and the Caribbean”, concluded Mr. Eduardo Albor.

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February 9th, 2021

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