St. Augustine, Florida, June 23, 2023.- Marineland, the world's first oceanarium and a member of The Dolphin Company family, park operator with a worldwide presence, celebrates 85 years of history, discoveries, learning and conservation of the various species that live under his care.

Marineland is one of the most important dolphin habitats in the United States and the world due to its historical value, contributions to the scientific community, and species conservation. It opened its doors in June 1938 as Marine Studios and became a habitat for interaction as it noticed people's interest in learning more about the relationship between humans and marine life.

In Marineland, not only several films of international scope were recorded, but also, over time, important discoveries were made regarding the training of dolphins and echolocation. Various advances have also been made in terms of dolphin reproduction and conservation, such as the birth of "Spray", the first bottlenose dolphin born in human care, or the birth of Nellie, who reached 61 years of age thanks to the care provided by her specialists and veterinarians, being considered the longest-lived dolphin in human care.

"The first day that Marineland opened its doors, we received more than 30,000 people and during these 85 years we have received millions of visitors interested in marine life and its environment. Our mission is to provide all those guests with an educational experience during which they can admire and interact with the different species that live in our care, with the aim of making them fall in love with them and take actions that contribute positively to the species in wildlife and the environment", said Felicia Cook, Park Director of Marineland.

Today, Marineland continues its mission of research and conservation of species, it is a place of teaching and inspiration for children, adolescents and adults, and it is also the number one attraction in Florida. Their interactions with species are designed in such a way that their guests experience a physical and emotional connection that leads them to raise awareness about the importance of conserving animals and their environment.

Without a doubt, Marineland is a place of history, an agent of change in the perspective of marine life and a reference for all generations who have had the opportunity to see marine mammals up close and learn about the care they need.

Jun 23, 2023

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