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Mexico City, May 17th, 2019. - Grupo Dolphin, the leader company in the world of marine species, announced that since April 2nd, the aquatic park Aquafelix, located in the city of Civitavecchia, Italy, is now part of the Mexican company, becoming its most recent acquisition.

The event will be carried out from May 14 to the 16th in the Centro Internacional de Exposiciones y Convenciones (WTC), where several workshops were taken on subjects such as Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Objectives.

The Mexican Center for Philanthropy (Cemefi) is an organism that promotes Social Responsibility in the citizens, social organizations, and companies in order to have a fairer, supportive, and prosperous society. Therefore, by receiving this acknowledgment, Grupo Dolphin renovates its commitment with the compliance of the established standards of the CSR and voluntarily and publicly takes on the responsibility to implement socially responsible management and a continuous improvement as part of its culture and business strategy.

Besides the acknowledgment, Cemefi granted Grupo Dolphin the emblem for the 5th consecutive year for being an SRC with 1% of social investment, meaning that 1 % of its utilities before taxes are destined to social actions.

"We are very proud and happy for receiving this acknowledgment of Social Responsible Company for the 14th time. Each year we work harder to get the best of everyone involved in the process of achieving this acknowledgment. I truly appreciate the effort of the associates that make our social actions possible. We will keep working hard to be better each year, committing ourselves more with society.", said Guadalupe Jiménez, Director of Human Value of Grupo Dolphin.

The company also said it was proud to announce that the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (Cemefi) granted accreditation to Guadalupe Jiménez, Director of Human Resources of Grupo Dolphin, for being an Accredited Consultant in Social Responsibility as a result of her hard work and commitment in CSR during her career path in the company.

May 17th, 2019

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