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Cancun, Quintana Roo on January 07th, 2020.- The Dolphin Company shared that on December 29, the Dolphin Cove team received a call from NEPA (National Environmental Protection Agency) late at night requesting assistance with a stranded dolphin at Puerto María, Jamaica.

The Veterinary team of Dolphin Cove lept into action and determined the female Steno dolphin had mild bruising, good body condition and lethargy. Samples were taken, including gastric, blood and spiracle, and the results showed that the specimen suffered an infection, lack of feeding for an extended time, as well as dehydration. The medical team administered the medications required to improve the health status of the dolphin.

On January 3, Dolphin Cove received a new call from NEPA, reporting the stranding of a second Steno dolphin in the same area. The Veterinary team arrived quickly, determining that the Steno dolphin had a high temperature indicating an infection.

In both cases, after treatment and steady improvement, the Steno dolphins were transported back to the deep ocean waters where they were reintegrated into the ocean, giving them the best opportunity at survival in the wild.

"Strandings are not common in Jamaica; however, we respond to Steno strandings quite often in Florida, so we have experience at rescues and care of the Steno dolphins. With over 250 cases of rescue and rehab, we have been fortunate to help many marine animals over the past 25 years". The MVZ Roberto Sánchez Okrucky, Director of Veterinary Care, reported.

In other latitudes, on the European continent, Zoomarine veterinarians in Rome Italy rescued five turtles of the species "Caretta caretta", also known as loggerhead, cayume or big-headed turtle, in a delicate state and, due to the bad weather and conditions of the sea in those days, they were trapped on the beach.

The first of them, called Marianna, presented a kidney infection, so she was under observation until her recovery and was reinstated to the sea on December 7, off the coast of Zoomarine.

Nerone and Marinella presented significant problems in their fins, caused by fishing nets; Marinella also had to undergo surgery because a fishing net pierced her intestine. Both recovered at The Naples Specialized Rescue Center.

Finally, Camilla was rescued, who had a constriction on the right front fins, caused again by fishing nets, while Nica, due to its low weight (20g) was unable to face the tide on storm days.

With the help of the veterinary medical team, trainers and the overall experience of The Dolphin Company in cases of stranding, all turtles and dolphins specimens returned safely to the sea.

January 07th, 2019

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