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Cancun, Quintana Roo, June 2nd, 2022 The Dolphin Company, the largest park operator in Latin America and the #1 dolphin company in the world, announced that the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (Cemefi) granted it a distinction for being a Socially Responsible Company for 17 consecutive years. This recognition results from its commitment to creating value around its vision, the quality of life of its associates and partners, environmental care, and the continuous liaison with the communities where it has a presence.

Cemefi is a private, non-profit institution that promotes and encourages the committed and socially responsible participation of citizens, social organizations, and companies to achieve a more equitable, supportive, and prosperous society; towards the vision of a fair, inclusive, and prosperous Mexico with active citizens who are jointly responsible for the development of the public welfare. Each year, it recognizes companies that promote social responsibility and positively impact the development and sustainability of the country.

"For The Dolphin Company, the ESR Distinctive is a reflection of our commitment to articulate and promote the participation of social responsibility for the common good of the communities that are part of the cities in which we operate. With the example of the leadership of positive action that distinguishes our CEO, Eduardo Albor, as well as the passion and talent of our associates and partners, we have been able to forge a sustainable company in economic, social, and environmental terms. We will continue to promote actions for the correct management of social responsibility. We will keep generating value that inspires and contributes to the well-being of our employees, the species in our care, the environment, and the community in general," said Guadalupe Jimenez, Chief Human Resources Officer of The Dolphin Company.

The Dolphin Company works continuously to create and implement socially responsible practices, including those that transcend the company's scope. Among the practices developed in the last year, the following stand out:

Dolphin Cares Program
We implemented key strategies to contribute to the well-being of our associates, customers, suppliers, and the community, including COVID-19 detection tests, continuous distribution of protective equipment such as face protection and facemasks, implementation of gel application modules, enable vaccine application attendance for associates, signage for social distance measures, home office roles, among others.

Training and talent development
Continuous training programs were carried out for associates and the general public on a variety of topics aimed at improving the economy, health, quality of life, leisure, and education. These programs contributed to personal development, family interaction and care for the environment.

Corporate volunteering In collaboration with municipal authorities, several beach clean-up days and comprehensive brigades were carried out in order to achieve clean and safe public spaces. In addition, donations were made with the generosity of its associates for low-income families.

The Dolphin Company is characterized by its actions in favor of vulnerable groups in society, including events with a cause, care campaigns for street dogs and cats, and care for the environment. The company is committed to its stakeholders through the continuous implementation of sustainable economic, social, and environmental best practices.

June 02, 2022

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