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  • Tortuga Penelope
  • Tortuga Penelope
  • Tortuga Penelope

Penelope goes back to her home after treatment!

Turtle Penelope, a specimen of the Caretta Caretta family, was able to return to the sea after one month of treatment. Under human care, the 60 centimeters, and 30 kilo weighting turtle was returned to the water, swimming between the waves of the Macchiatonda Regional Nature Reserve in Santa Severa.

Penelope was rescued on May 14th on the Gaeta Golf, in front of Punta Stendardo, where a sportsman, seeing her gasp, entrusted her to the care of the Harbor Master.

The turtle had a lung infection, so she was transferred to the help center at Zoomarine in Torvajanica. After a brief period of pharmacological treatment, she has been completely rehabilitated and has begun to feed herself again. On Friday she returned to her natural environment.

June 21th, 2017

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