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  • Dolphin Swim Adventure Program
  • Dolphin Swim Adventure Program
  • Dolphin Swim Adventure Program
  • Dolphin Swim Adventure Program
30 min.
Dolphin Discovery at Gulf World Panama City Beach
Belly Ride, Handshake, Hand target, kiss and hug

Dolphin Discovery Panama City Beach


Dolphin Swim Adventure


Now during your stay in Panama City Beach, you can enjoy swimming with a dolphin. We invite you to immerse yourself to take a closer look at the marine mammals and discover their wonderful personalities.

You can enjoy the experience of a lifetime at Dolphin Discovery at Gulf World Panama City Beach. and interact with them as they kiss you, snuggle with you. The Swim Adventure program includes the Belly Ride, where you will hold on to the dolphin's fins as he rides face-up across the water. Watch all their neat tricks and games sharing their love and charisma with you. Our marine mammal specialists will tell you all the information you need to know about them.

Book now for the experience of a lifetime!

Adults (+4.6 ft.) $ 216,98USD
Kids (3.3 - 4.6 ft.) $ 184,43USD

* Daily

    • 10:00 AM
    • 11:00 AM
    • 02:00 PM

  • Handshake
  • Hand Target
  • Hug
  • Belly Ride
    • General Admission (includes all shows and exhibits)
    • Sea Lion and Rough-toothed Dolphin Show.
    • Dolphin Educational Show
    • Feathers & Friends Show
    • Shark and Turtle Feeding
    • Stingray touch pool
    • All our prices include taxes
* Kids must swim with a paying adult.
Photos of your experience with dolphins.
Food and beverage.

Duration approximately 30 minutes.

Due to limited space, only 1 paid observer per swimmer over 18 is allowed. Observers are required to pay regular admission fee plus a $5 observer fee. Swimmers under 18 may have one complimentary observer, with the option to pay $5 for 1 extra observer.

Observers are required to pay regular admission fees.

Please arrive at least 30 min before your scheduled swim time and account for high season traffic. Programs that have to be rescheduled will be charged a $25 fee per participant.
Participants must be at least 48 inches tall to do program by themselves.
Participants 42 inches tall to 47 inches tall must be accompanied in the water by a paying program participant 18 or older one on one.
Participants will be measured before participating in the program at check-in.
Swimmers under 18 may have one complimentary observer, with the option to pay $5 for 1 extra observer.
No refunds will apply if children do not fit the height policies.
Expectant mothers are not eligible to participate in this program.
Participants must be able to speak and understand English.
Participants must be free of open wounds and show no signs of illness.
The use of life vests is required in all water programs.
At Dolphin Discovery Panama City we have groups of up to 20 people.
For security reasons, the use cameras in the water is not allowed, professional photos will be available for sale.
You will find signs around the front entrance of the Park that will enable guests and Park employees to determine if someone qualifies for the children price or not. Guest will be measured with their shoes on.
It is very important to arrive to the park 60 minutes before your program, remember you'll receive a short briefing before your swim.
If you have any health condition or physical disability please contact our call center before you make your reservation so we can provide you full information about our services.
Please consider 3-4 hours to enjoy the park and the activities.
Remember to use biodegradable sunscreen to protect your skin, the environment and marine species.
Bring towels , swimsuit (recommended wearing suit under clothes) cash for taxis, shopping, meals, etc.
Please leave valuables at home, limited lockers are available.
Please do not leave children unattended.
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