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Ocean Adventures Punta Cana FAQ's

How do I get to Ocean Adventures?
Are programs carried out in the sea or tanks?
Besides dolphin programs, are there other activities in Ocean Adventures?
Could I have a towel if I swim with dolphins in Punta Cana?
Is there a safe place where I can leave my stuff?
What is your children's policy?
What activities are carried out in each program?
How early should I arrive?
Can I feed the dolphins?
Do you offer therapy programs with dolphins?
Will I have to wear a life jacket?
I am a person with disabilities, Can I participate in the programs?
Can I use my own camera or mobile when I swim with dolphins?
Can pregnant women participate?
Is there a refund for cancellation?
What if there is inclement weather?
How can I view and print my confirmation?
How can I purchase my individual photo package by booking on the website?
What if I have already done my experience with Dolphins and I am in the habitat but I want to buy my package of individual photos?
How long after swimming with Dolphins can I buy my individual photo package?
What requirements do I need to be able to purchase my individual photo package?
How can I download my photos when I buy my package at the location?
In case of having doubts or not being able to download my individual photos, is there a way to assist me?
If I bought my individual photo package, how can I download my photos?
How long after I swim with Dolphins can I download my photos?
What if I want a photo as a couple or group and we pay for the individual photo package, does it have an extra cost?
Can the price of the individual photo package vary?
Are pets allowed?

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