Six Flags Mexico Park

Six Flags, one of the best theme parks of the world, is located at the south of Mexico City. The extreme carnival rides, games and 5 roller coasters are Six Flags unparallel hallmarks.

Get ready to feel the adrenaline when you get on the largest and fastest roller coaster of Mexico. One of them, Boomerang, was the first in the world with an outdoor round trip, Batman the Ride is the only inverted roller coaster in Mexico and Superman, the last escape is the highest and fastest in all Latin America.

A few years ago, Six Flags was called Reino Aventura (Adventure Kingdom as in Spanish). The booming of the park's fame started when Free Willy movie was filmed, having Keiko, the beloved whale, as the main star. Nowadays, the park is also scenery for great artists and groups like Savage Garden, RBD or the worldwide known DJ, Armin Van Buuren. However, besides all the energy and extreme emotion, the park has granted special moments for the little ones and big ones, as it was planned for families since the beginning.

For so long, Six Flags has given magical days for all families.

Come and join us with your family and friends!

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