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Swim with the Dolphins in Anguilla, St. Maarten

The best of the Caribbean!

A warm and cozy British island embraced by shinny white-powdery beaches and unbelievable turquoise crystalline seas is located in the northern Caribbean several miles away from the east part of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

With the perfect weather Anguilla receives every day their visitors experience hot and sunny days and star-filled nights almost all year round. Itís a casual and simple island, a unique blend of high style and low-key elegance with the best of the good life where youíll be able to enjoy a perfect evening walking around the town.

With the slow but welcoming island lifestyle, Anguilla has numerous peaceful bays and beaches, each one is perfect for each tourist attraction. Dolphin Discovery Anguilla park is located at the Blowing Point beach, located just in the southern coast of the island only twenty minutes away crossing by ferry from the St. Marteen port. Swimming with dolphins at the Dolphins Discovery park is pretty exciting because you can interact and contemplate their behavior in their natural habitat.

Live this once in a lifetime experience with the help of our marine mammal specialists that will be with you while the dolphins give you a kiss, hug, a belly ride or even a foot push depending on which program you choose.

They will teach you some interesting data about them, their habitat and educate the visitors about how we can help take care of our environment. Dolphins are really sweet but also very intelligent, theyíll share their joy and charisma with you and all your party while you spend a really cool time with them in the water. Dolphin Discovery at Anguilla - St. Marteen is an experience that enchants our visitors and creates friendships and memories that will last forever!

Come and enjoy the best vacation yet!

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