• Dolphin Swim Adventure Memories
  • Dolphin Swim Adventure Memories
  • Dolphin Swim Adventure Memories Program
  • Dolphin Swim Adventure Memories Program
  • Dolphin Swim Adventure Memories Program
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50 min.
Belly Ride, Boogie Push, Handshake, Kiss and hug, Hand Target & Caresses

Swim Adventure Memories Package

Perfect entertainment + your pictures!

What Dolphin Discovery offers this time is the unbelievable opportunity to have it all-in-one, yes we have heard you out, loud and clear. The pictures are included! Only when reserving this special program Swim Adventure Memories Package you get all the amusement, all the fun, all the magic, your dream of swimming with dolphins come true, plus the memories of it to cherish them for the rest of your happily ever after life. Besides you would be saving a lot of money because, if you wait till arriving at location to pay for your photographs you will spend regular price; yes, this is a package we have just opened up and put out there for you to fulfill your most wanted wishes and more.

Imagine having everything you have always wanted just in one click, right here right now. Don't let your dreams stay inside the bottle; dare to open it, and enjoy. The dolphin'a marine animal that always seems to smile'wins your heart, as he gives you a kiss, a hug, and a handshake. Our certified marine mammal specialists share their love for the marine mammals with you as well as their knowledge to go along with your program. The highlight of the Dolphin Swim Adventure is the Belly Ride, where you hold on to the dolphin's fins as he swims backwards. Surrounded by luscious green mountains and tropical vegetation, Tortola-St. Thomas is the ideal location to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. The tour is ideal for cruise ship visitors spending the day on the island.

Come and live the experience of a Lifetime!

Adults (+4 7):
Regular Price: $214USD
$ 149USD
Belly Ride
Boogie Push
Kiss and hug
Hand Target
    Photographs of your dolphin swim program and 1 printed photograph
    This swim with dolphins program includes the famous belly ride a handshake, hugs, kisses, and a song for you.
    Facilities: showers, restrooms
Kids (3 11 4 7 and minimum age of 8 years old)
Regular Price: $194USD
$ 129USD
* Kids must swim with a paying adult.
Not included: Transportation to Dolphin Discovery Tortola
Other activities in Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Infants do not apply for the free photograph package but you are able to purchase their photographs inside our boutique shop.
This dolphin swim program includes photographs of your dolphin interaction only.
IMPORTANT: a valid passport is an essential requirement to visit Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. In Tortola, groups have a maximum of 12 people for a closer experience. The use of safety vests is required in all water programs. For security reasons, the use cameras in the water is not allowed.
For safety reasons pregnant women (5 months and up) can't participate in any of our aquatic programs.
Women with less than 5 months into their pregnancy can participate in the Encounter program only if accompanied by another adult and after signing a Responsibility Form.
It is important to arrive 30 minutes before your program, remember you'll receive a short briefing before your swim.
If you have any health or physical disability please contact our call center before you make your reservation so we can provide you full information about our services.
Remember to use biodegradable sunscreen to protect your skin, the environment and marine species.
Bring towels and cash for taxis, shopping, meals, etc.
Dolphin Royal Swim Tortola Island

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