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FAQ's of Dolphin Connection at Florida Keys

Why is it necessary to contact the special needs coordinator before booking a program if a guest in my party has a special need?
Why do I need to check in for my program 15-20 minutes prior to the program start time?
Why do I need to sign a liability waiver?
Why canít I bring my camera down on the docks?
What happens when there is inclement weather?
Is there somewhere to store my belongings?
Why do children need to be 6 years of age to do the Dockside program on their own?
Why do adults need to pay for the Dockside program when accompanying a child under 6 years of age?
How many other participants will there be with me and the dolphins?
How much time to I get to spend with the dolphins?
How long does the dockside program last?
How can I view and print my confirmation?
Are pets allowed?

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