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  • Dolphin Royal Swim Memories  + Royal Garrafon VIP in Isla Mujeres
  • Dolphin Royal Swim Memories  + Royal Garrafon VIP in Isla Mujeres
  • Dolphin Royal Swim Memories  + Royal Garrafon VIP in Isla Mujeres
  • Dolphin Royal Swim Memories  + Royal Garrafon VIP in Isla Mujeres

Dolphin Royal Swim Memories  + Royal Garrafon VIP in Isla Mujeres

A one of a kind experience to cherish for a lifetime!

Indulge in the wonders that the extraordinary island of Isla Mujeres, Cancun has to offer! Here you can find Dolphin Discovery-Isla Mujeres where you get to perform the extraordinary experience of swimming with dolphins! You also get the chance to enjoy the nature-inspired Garrafon Natural Reef Park. This park allows you to carry out both relaxing and adrenaline-packed activities. Cherish these unforgettable memories with complimentary digital photos of your swim with dolphins experience. 

This amazing experience begins in Playa Langosta where you take a ferry that heads directly to Isla Mujeres. Aboard, you can enjoy the view of the turquoise sea that reaches out to the horizon, as well as a continental breakfast that will give you energy for the adventure ahead. The fun begins once you arrive at Dolphin Discovery-Isla Mujeres. Here, dolphins are waiting for you to play and share a bonding encounter where you are guaranteed to live the best dolphin experience.

The Royal Swim program allows you to have the fullest experience with our friendly dolphins; this means touching, caressing, hugging and even kissing these adorable creatures. But that’s not all! The fun continues when two dolphins pull you through the water with their dorsal fins and push you from your feet to rise above the water!

This fantastic experience just keeps getting better as you head towards Garrafon Natural Reef Park, where you get to perform the most thrilling water activities and more. Get awed as you practice snorkel and watch beautiful coral reefs, or if you prefer it, practice kayak to keep enjoying the landscapes and the weather. There is also the exciting experience of sliding down a unique zip line, one of the few above the Caribbean Sea.

Since you chose the most exclusive experience, you also get to enjoy other amenities in the park such as our relaxing temazcal and our VIP area, where you can find lounge chairs and hammocks, as well as a refreshing infinity pool. You also have access to our restaurant to enjoy our exquisite buffet menu and international open bar.

Book now and enjoy this experience to the fullest!

Garrafon Natural Reef Park is open Sunday-Friday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

$ 199USD * Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr,Su

Dorsal Tow
Foot Push
Hand target

    Royal Swim program in Isla Mujeres.
    Ferry CUN-IM-CUN
    (If you are staying in Puerto Juarez, please contact our Call Center).
    Digital photos of your dolphin experience.
    15-min briefing.
    60 min in the water.
    Access to Garrafon Natural Reef Park.
    Access to Punta Sur.
    Amenities: lockers, life jackets showers, lounge chairs, towels.
    Buffet lunch and international open bar at Garrafon National Park.
    Continental breakfast aboard the ferry.
    Unlimited zip-line rides, snorkel equipment, kayak activity, and a traditional temazcal experience (if available) at Garrafon Natural Reef Park
    Vip Lounge (infinity pool, lounge chairs, and hammocks).

$ 129USD
* Kids must swim with a paying adult.

Dock fee of $240 MXN payable at check-in.
Children over 3.3 ft pay dock fee.
Ground transportation $16.00 USD.
Photos of your zip line activity in Garrafon Natural Reef Park.
Other activities in Cancun or Isla Mujeres.


Infants do not apply for the free photograph package; however, the photographs can be purchased at our boutique. This dolphin swim program includes individual photographs of your dolphin interaction only.

Don’t include infants under 3.3 ft in your reservation as they are free of charge; however, be sure to add them in the comments section of your reservation.

All participants must be at least 3.9 to perform the snorkel activities.

Children over 4.6 ft will be allowed to participate alone in any of our dolphin programs by paying the adult rate.
To participate in the Swim Adventure or Royal Swim programs, children over 3.9 ft up to 4.6 ft must be accompanied by a paying adult (1 adult per kid).
To participate in the Swim Adventure or Royal Swim programs, children over 3.3 ft and up to 3.9 ft must be accompanied by two paying adults (2 adults per kid).
Children under 3.3 ft will be considered infants and will perform Encounter activities regardless of the program in which they participate (it is a requirement that they fit the vest).
For security reasons, the use of cameras in the water is prohibited. Professional photos will be available for sale.
In this program at Isla Mujeres, the maximum number of people per group is 10 to ensure a better experience.
The use of life jackets is mandatory in all water programs.

IMPORTANT: currently, we are NOT accepting US dollars in cash at our facilities (check-in, restaurant, boutique, and photos), however, we accept Mexican pesos in cash. If you want to use an international credit or debit card, payments will be done in Mexican or US currency.


Bring towels and cash for taxis, shopping, meals, etc.
For safety reasons, expectant mothers of 5 months or more can't participate in any of our aquatic programs. However, expectant mothers of less than 5 months can only participate in the Encounter program if accompanied by another adult and after signing a waiver.
If you have any health or physical problem, please contact our call center before booking your reservation so we can provide you with full information about our services.
It is important to arrive 30 minutes before your program, remember you'll receive a short briefing before your swim.
Remember to use biodegradable sunscreen to protect your skin, the environment, and marine species.

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