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Chankanaab Park Cozumel, Address for Chankanaab

Chankanaab Park Cozumel

Services and facilities in admission to Chankanaab Park


Monday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Adults $49 USD
Children $49 USD (4-12 years)
*Children under three years enter free.
*Prices and exchange rates may vary.

Sea Lion Presentation Swim with Dolphins
Parking Swim with Manatees
Toilets Dive with Dolphins
Showers and dressing rooms Snorkel equipment
Life Jacket Snuba
Casita Maya Sea Trek
Prehispanic Replicas Photo Package
Tropical Garden Transportation to Chankanaab
Tequilera Lockers
Palapas Temazcal
Hammocks and lounge chairs Natural Spa
Beach The Cabana Beach
Food and drinks

What does Chankanaab mean?

The Chankanaab Park Cozumel is located at km 9 on the south coast of Cozumel Island. In 1980 it was decreed National Park and was considered a particular area for the protection and refuge of flora and fauna of the region.

The word Chankanaab comes from the Mayan language, Chan meaning small, and Kanaab ocean or sea. The lagoon is located inside the park and is believed to contain mystical vestiges of ancient Mayan civilizations.

Activities in Chankanaab Park Cozumel

The snorkeling in Cozumel takes you to a world of submerged sculptures, and the diving experience with dolphins in Chankanaab Park is UNIQUE!

You will also be able to meet and swim with manatees and sea lions, animals that will show you how exceptional the preservation of marine species on our planet is.

The swim with dolphins in Cozumel that we offer at Dolphin Discovery is, without a doubt, one of the most popular activities for visitors, because you also have the opportunity to dive with dolphins, so buy your ticket to the park and choose the program that you like the most.

For your safety, the towel service is not available at this time, we highly recommend bringing your own towel.

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Dolphin Encounter

Dolphin Encounter

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Dolphin Royal Swim VIP

Dolphin Royal Swim VIP

Regular Price: $159 USD

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Dolphin Swim Adventure

Dolphin Swim Adventure

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Manatee Encounter

Manatee Encounter

Regular Price: $69 USD

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Sea Lion Discovery

Sea Lion Discovery

Regular Price: $69 USD

$55.2 USD
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Dive with dolphins

Dive with dolphins

Regular Price: $189 USD

$179.55 USD

How to get to Chankanaab Park Cozumel?

  • Ferries depart from the federal pier in Playa del Carmen.
  • Arriving in Cozumel, take a taxi to Chankanaab Park.
  • In the Park, follow the signs to Dolphin Discovery place.
  • Generate your registration to live a unique experience!

Address for Chankanaab

Carretera Costera Sur Km. 9.5, 77600 Cozumel, Q.R.

How to get to Chankanaab:

If you come from Cancun or the Riviera Maya, you must go to Playa del Carmen and from the federal pier take the ferry to Cozumel. The ferry departs every hour, but we advise you to verify schedules and rates with your hotel Concierge.

Take a taxi to Chankanaab National Park, once you get to Cozumel island. When you arrive to the park, follow the signs that will lead you to the Dolphin Discovery facilities. We are located a few steps from the entrance. Check in with our representative.

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